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ALLEN Blades & Pans

Allen Blades and Pans for Your Construction Needs

If you want to get the smoothest and most flawless surfaces on your concrete construction jobs, Allen blades and pans are the tools that you should rely on. These finish blades for power trowels have been highly trusted by contractors and builders all over New Zealand for decades. Browse the Tradesmart catalogue and find a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your particular project.

 Allen Edger Blades and Finishing Blades

The edger blade is a power trowel blade that gives a clean, smooth edge on driveways, sidewalks, flower beds and similar concrete structures. Finishing blades are essential for achieving that smooth, even surface on a flat concrete slab.

Here at Tradesmart, our edger blades come in 24 inch and 36 inch sizes. As for finishing blades, you can choose between the 36-inch, 46-inch, and 60-inch varieties. You can also opt for one of our combo blades that can be used for both floating and finishing. These are in the same sizes as the finishing blades.

Allen Float Pans

Float pans are a type of finishing blade for plaster or concrete that is used to draw out moisture from inside the slab. They also remove flaws resulting from the screeding process. Power trowel blade installation for the Allen float pans in our inventory is fairly simple as they easily clip onto the blades of any power trowel NZ without the need for special fasteners.

Finding blades and pans that fit on your power trowel for sale is as easy as choosing the right size from our product line-up. The Allen blades and pans that we have here are perfectly compatible with many other trusted brands of power trowels in New Zealand.