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Saw Blades & Concrete Cutting Equipment in New Zealand

TradeSmart construction equipment offers a variety of concrete blades from a standard tradie blade through to premium diamond saw blades. We focus on quality and fair price to replace or renew your concrete saw blades. Visit our specials page for information on the latest deals on construction equipment.


Quality Equipment for Concrete Cutting


Cement Saw Machines

For contractors looking for a durable cement saw that can cut through hard slabs, motorways and pavements, there is no substitute for our range of reputed Meiwa concrete saws.


Concrete Blades

Contractors in New Zealand know that achieving precision results in concrete cutting requires exceptional blades. We offer diamond concrete saws with an impressive lifecycle and high rate of cutting through the hardest surfaces.


Concrete Grinding

Tradesmart’s grinding cups are offered in many types and ideal for a range of applications. Ideal for grinding dense, thick concrete, our concrete grinding tools are tried and tested.


Concrete Drilling

Explore Tradesmart’s range of Masonry concrete drill bits. These bits are designed for rebar work, with tungsten carbide edges for deeper penetration and a spring-loaded chuck for precise fitting.


Concrete Chisels

Concrete chisels are ideal for removing excess concrete, breaking away concrete runs with precision and creating perfect channels in any every type of construction project.


Tile & Porcelain Blades

 We offer tile blades in a wide range of sizes, each made to the highest standards. The blades are perfect for cutting ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite. Explore our range of tile, turbo and porcelain blades.


Choosing the Right Concrete Cutting Blade

Choosing the right cutting blade is an essential step when it comes to high quality workmanship in concrete cutting.

Research and experimentation with materials has shown that diamond cutting blades are by far the superior choice. They are perfect for cutting a wide range of materials including limestone, flint and natural stone.

High concentrate diamond blades called Turbo Abrasive Diamond Concrete blades are specially designed for cutting dry materials quickly and are valued for their long lifecycle.

Other types of blades include:

  • Diamond Blades for hard clay bricks and roof tiles
  • Reinforced concrete diamond blades for fast, effective cutting

Concrete Drilling and Cutting Equipment

Contact Tradesmart today for a wide range of specialised, world renowned cutting tools for tiles, concrete and brick.