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Safety Gloves & Hand Protection


The AS/NZS 2161:2014 is the overall standard for NZ industrial safety gloves.

But because the EN (European Union) testing standards are so comprehensive, many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have adopted them. As a result, a number of NZ workplace safety standards are identical to those used in EU.

Every work glove is tested for its resistance against each of these risks and is given a numerical rating for each. The higher the number, the better the performance of the glove. The numbers under the shield give the glove's test ratings for its mechanical protection properties of abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance.

  • The first digit on the glove refers to abrasion resistance (cycles)
  • The second digit on the glove refers to blade cut resistance
  • The third digit on the glove refers to tear resistance
  • The fourth digit on the glove refers to puncture resistance

With Tradesmart’s industrial-grade hand protection equipment, you can steer clear of injuries, accidents and harmful microbes which can adversely affect your workers’ health and quality of life.