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Safety Head Protection

The brain is the most sensitive part of the human body. A single blow can incapacitate a person, leading to loss of consciousness or in worst cases, loss of life. Head and brain injuries are a terrifying reality for most factory workers. Workers can slip and fall and hit their heads against hard objects, or heavy debris in the form of stone, metal, bags, etc. can fall on the worker from a height. Without the right gear at hand, it’s almost impossible to keep workers safe from the dangers that populate the workplace.

Prevent Head Injuries With Tradesmart’s Help

At Tradesmart, we are New Zealand based industrial equipment and tool suppliers, specializing in safety wear. We stock top-quality, industrial-grade head safety wear equipment that is tested and qualified for factory use. Our range of head safety wear equipment includes: high impact visor combo, certified hard hat, or certified hard hat visor combo.


Head injuries are classified based on the nature and extent of the injury. While some injuries involve treatable bruises and swelling, others can be extremely dangerous in the form of penetrating injury and internal brain damage.

The products we sell at Tradesmart are designed to provide your workers with full-head and face coverage. Our range of hard hats and visors are proven quality and are being used by hundreds of workers across New Zealand.

We procure our head safety wear equipment from trusted suppliers, and you can rely on us for superior-quality products. Feel free to contact us for more information. You can also place an order for the products on our website.