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Plate Compactors

Plate Compactors for all Construction Needs

Before you start laying concrete on any ground surface, it is crucial that you use a compactor to press on the soil. This greatly increases the load-bearing capacity of the concrete slab that you are going to create. Here at TradeSmart, we offer the widest range of compactors NZ has to offer. Check out our catalogue and find the right one for your project.

Meiwa Plate Compactor

One of the most trusted names in plate compactors in New Zealand today, Meiwa boasts of a comprehensive range of products that covers just about any construction requirement you might have.

Choose from the very handy 37kg KP30 model that is perfect for residential DIY projects, all the way to the 111kg MX110, a heavyweight machine that comes with its own water tank and is highly recommended for the compaction of asphalt. The HP50, a 60 kg plate compactor is quite a versatile and in demand machine that is great for multiple applications.

Loaded with Useful Features

Our range of plate compactors comes with varying features that were especially added to meet different construction requirements. For instance, we have a few reversible plate compactors in our brochure, which you can manoeuvre just as easily forward and backward. Also, whether you prefer a petrol plate compactor or an electric plate compactor, we have a few options that you can choose from.

Can’t decide which model is the best for your needs? Our specialists are always ready to help. Call us today for assistance and also to learn more about our equipment.