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Concrete Cutting Saws & Equipment's


Concrete Cutting Saws and Equipment

If you have been looking for new concrete cuttings saws, then you have come to the right place. TradeSmart is a distributor of some of the finest cutting saws in New Zealand, from lightweight and compact machines to large concrete cutting saws suitable for industrial work.

Different Kinds of Concrete Cutting Saws

When cutting concrete, tiles, brick, asphalt and other similar materials, you need to use the right kind of concrete saw NZ can offer in order to get the best possible results. You can use an electric concrete saw, a concrete floor saw, or even industrial concrete cutting saws for really large-scale projects. Check out the TradeSmart catalogue and find the perfect machine for your needs.

Meiwa HC Series

We have a range of Meiwa concrete cutting saws for sale right here. An established brand in concrete construction equipment, Meiwa machines ensure high quality results with minimal operator fatigue and maximum operation comfort.

The HC series of concrete cutting saws begin with the HC120 which has a blade size of 10-12" and runs on the Honda GX160 petrol engine. This machine can cut to a depth of 105mm and weighs only 53kg, making it very easy to control manually.

If you need more depth, you can opt for the HC140 which can penetrate up to 125mm, or the HC180 which can cut to as deep as 175mm beneath the surface. Both of these larger saws are equipped with a 6.0L fuel tank and a built-in water tank with a 45L capacity.

Get Advice from Specialists

If you have any questions about our saws or other equipment, or if you need help in selecting the best machine for your needs, just give us a call. Our specialists are always ready to answer all your questions.