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Vibrating Rollers

Superior Grade MEIWA Vibrating Roller Compactor

Discover the pinnacle of compaction efficiency with TradeSmart's Vibrating Roller Compactors. Engineered for excellence and powered by leading Japanese innovation, our robust selection of walk-behind roller compactors embodies quality and durability. Whether tackling asphalt, soil, or granular surfaces, TradeSmart offers a seamless integration of power and precision to meet the most demanding compaction challenges.


How Do Vibrating Roller Compactors Elevate Compaction Work?

Unmatched Japanese Engineering: Since 1945, MEIWA's commitment to design and engineering has set the industry standard.

Powerful and Eco-Friendly: Our vibrating rollers are driven by Honda's GX160 engine, known for its high power, efficiency, and reduced emissions, or by Kubota's EA series engine, boasting over three decades of reliable performance and Tier 4 Final emission compliance.

Hydrostatic Drive Advantage: Experience the ease of operation and increased compacting force with our fully hydrostatic drive system, which reduces maintenance and enhances adaptability to challenging terrains.

Customisation for Your Needs: Choose the optimal operating weight from 270kg to 737kg, centrifugal forces up to 2040kgf, and drum sizes that suit your project specifications.


Why Choose MEIWA’s Vibrating Roller Compactors?

Ergonomic Design: Prioritise the comfort and convenience of operators with our ergonomically crafted compactors.

Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Navigate tight corners and curves effortlessly, ensuring precision and reducing delays in compaction jobs.

Extended Operation Times: With both Honda and Kubota engines, experience minimal downtime and sustain productivity for longer periods.

Control Precision: Our walk-behind rollers offer incomparable control, averting potential setbacks and boosting operational efficiency.


What Applications Benefit from our Vibrating Roller Compactors?

Diverse Usage: Ideal for compaction of base layers, bituminous surfaces, construction of walkways, marginal strips, and even in factory construction settings.

Asphalt Specialisation: Tackle small to medium asphalt tasks with ease, equipped with a water sprinkling system to aid in compaction.

Adaptability: The low centre of gravity and high traction power make our rollers fit for uneven landscapes.


MEIWA’s vibrating roller compactors are engineered to propel your compaction levels to their peak. Designed for enduring performance and offering substantial long-term value, our compactors are the tools you need to streamline operations and fulfil your project deadlines promptly.

Are you prepared to elevate your compaction efficiency? Our MEIWA vibrating roller compactors stand ready to join your fleet. For more details, fill in the contact us form or simply call us for expert assistance. Whether it's the compact powerhouse MR25H or the robust MSR6KM, our specialists are on standby to guide you to the perfect match for your compaction needs. Unlock your project's full potential with MEIWA’s vibratory roller compactors today!