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Vibrating Rollers

Best Vibrating Rollers for Large Concrete Compaction Jobs

A vibratory roller compactor takes the process of compacting to a higher level. Aside from the pressure that is applied to the surface just like with a regular compactor, a vibrating roller also shakes up the materials on the surface, greatly improving the compacting process. TradeSmart offers two of the best vibratory rollers for sale in New Zealand. Browse our shop and check out their features.

Uses of Vibratory Rollers

The most common use of vibratory rollers is for compacting a variety of materials like soil, stone, gravel, rocks and similar materials. They can also be used for road maintenance and repair, as well as for the construction and mending of sidewalks, parking areas, garden lawns, and so on.

MR25H – 270 kg Meiwa Vibrating Roller

A single drum vibratory roller with a roller width of 560mm, the MR25H comes with a hydrostatic manual drive control that is very easy to operate. It is a relatively small vibratory roller but it packs a lot of power. It runs on the Honda GX160 engine that uses petrol and is capable of a travelling speed of up to 2.4 kph.

MSR6KM – 642 kg Meiwa Vibrating Roller

As far as vibratory roller sizes, the MSR6KM is in the higher range, weighing 642 kg. It is a twin-drum roller with roller widths of 635mm and comes with a built-in 42 L water tank. It also has a 4.8L fuel tank that lets you keep working for long periods without the need for frequent refuelling of its Kubota EA3200-E2 diesel engine.

If you are not sure which type of vibratory roller is best for your needs, it’s not a problem. Just call us and our concrete construction specialists will help in any way you need.