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ALLEN Vibrators

Allen Concrete Vibrators for Maximum Structural Integrity

Make your concrete structure as strong as possible by using Allen concrete vibrators during the construction process. Immediately after pouring the fresh concrete, run the vibrator and watch as the air pockets are drawn out and eliminated, making your concrete slab as strong as possible. TradeSmart offers different styles of vibrators that you can choose from. Visit our shop today and find the perfect one for your needs.

Allen BP50 Backpack Vibrator

One of the featured products in our catalogue is the Allen BP50 Backpack Vibrator. These cordless concrete vibrators are very popular because they are very portable – easy to carry around and do not require to be plugged into electricity. The vibrating motor NZ is powered by the 2.5hp Honda GXH50 49cc engine and is capable of producing 11,000 to 12,000 vibrations per minute.

 Allen Power Vibe Pro

Another very highly rated product in our catalogue is the Allen Power Vibe Pro. It combines high power and portability, making it a very practical choice. It comes with a 0.6m flex shaft, which we also sell separately in case you need a replacement. The concrete vibrator head size for the Power Vibe Pro is 2” x 12”. We also have this in our inventory and you can also buy it separately.

Alternative to Concrete Vibrator

If for some reason you are not in the market for a concrete vibrator at the moment, you can use other equipment to strengthen your concrete structures. Call our hotline today and our experts can point you in the right direction.