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Ear Protection

Noise pollution is one of the dangers that workers face on worksites and factory floor. The blaring of sirens, the ringing of alarms, and the honking of vehicles coupled with screeching noise of machinery can create a din so powerful that it can lead to a burst eardrum. Hearing loss is another problem workers face as they are regularly exposed to noise.

Research has shown that noise pollution may not only lead to hearing loss in workers but may also lead to chronic headaches which can make them lose focus when working. Blurry vision, migraines, lack of attention and physical stress-related jitters are other things that can make the entire factory floor extremely dangerous for workers.

Using safety hearing protection can help protect workers' hearing while ensuring that they aren't too disturbed and distracted when working. At TradeSmart, we are a New Zealand based industrial equipment and site accessories supplier, and we stock superior-quality safety ear protection designed to reduce work floor noise and protect the workers of NZ.

Keep Noise Pollution At Bay With TradeSmart’s Ear Protection

Sound is considered as noise if it exceeds 85 decibels. Anything above this can harm your hearing and can reduce your productivity and efficiency while at work. Workers on the factory floor are the most vulnerable to noise. The safety ear equipment by Tradesmart can help you keep your workers safe while boosting their productivity.

Our range of safety wear ear equipment includes Class 3 ear muffs, Class 5 ear muffs, a pair of earplug and a pack of 50 ear plugs.

We stock only industrial-grade products, and our products undergo stringent quality and safety checks before they are made available on the website.

If you’re interested in purchasing the products, feel free to browse our range. We also take bulk orders. Contact us for more information.