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Trench Rammers

Trench Rammers for Fast and Easy Soil Compression

If you are preparing to lay concrete on the ground, it is very important to make the layer as firm and solid as possible, which would increase the load bearing capacity of the slab you are creating. One of the best tools to use for this job is the Japan-made Meiwa tamping rammer or trench rammer. Check out the Tradesmark catalogue and find four of the finest trench rammers in all of New Zealand.

Why Use a Trench Rammer

There are other types of equipment that can be used for soil compression but in some instances, only a trench rammer can do the job well. Confined spaces are the most common example. You can’t use an ordinary compactor in very small areas and expect to get quality results.

Most Efficient Trench Rammers in the Market

In using a trench rammer, there are three very important elements to consider – weight, impact cycle, and centre of gravity. Each trench rammer for sale here in our shop offers the perfect balance of all these elements.

The HRX55D, one of our best-selling models, is most suitable for light compaction. It has an impact cycle of 10-10.8Hz, is equipped with the Honda GX100 machine and weighs a total of 62kg. If you need more power and a larger foot, the HRX55D would be a premium choice. With its powerful Robin EH12 engine and a foot size of 330 x 300 mm, this 80 kg rammer can cover a bigger area faster.

Best Prices in New Zealand

When you compare the price of trench hammer models from TradeSmart with those in any other NZ store, you will find that we offer the most competitive prices. In addition, we also offer fast and convenient shipping to any location in the country.