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Industrial Beacon Lighting

While there are many tips and preventive measures in order to avoid any disaster on a worksite and factory floor, emergency safety beacons are one of the most important, and highly used vehicle-mounted warning devices. Flashing beacons are attention grabbers, giving clear warning of unexpected or hazardous conditions.

Construction sites, roading sites and factory floors are a busy nest of continual vehicle movements. With employees, vehicles and other material-handling equipment constantly moving in and out of these areas, any vehicle without flashing work lights hugely increases the chance of an accident between vehicles, and other vehicles or worse still between the vehicle and an employee, contractor or site worker.

LED Beacon Lights for Trucks

In order to minimise the hazards and risks associated with traffic and collisions, the proper choice of warning and safety equipment is a must. Beacon lighting such as LED strobe light is used as safety warnings which help alert employees and vehicle drivers to the movements of any vehicles in NZ.

Safety LED Strobe Beacon

TradeSmart is a premier industrial tools and equipment supplier based in New Zealand. We stock a quality range of safety equipment that you can use for factory floors, construction sites, roading sites, and warehouses.

Our collection of emergency vehicle lighting such as LED strobe lights come with either surface mounts, side mounts, screw-ins or weld-ons are designed keeping in mind standard equipment specification and are both ECE R65 Approved and EC95/54 EMC Approved. We also supply the high powered Orion range of Xenon beacons. If you need to upgrade or replace your safety beacons let us know. We work with multiple supply partners and distributors so have access to a wide range of accessories. We can help you find the product you want if we don't already list it.

At TradeSmart, we sell industrial lighting beacons of various kinds. Just log onto our website and browse through our extensive collection. We can have your led flashing beacon to you in days. Contact us for more information.