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ALLEN Riders

Pick the Right Allen Riders for Finishing Your Concrete Slabs

There is no better way to finish a large concrete-laying project than by using a reliable power trowel to do the job. And when it comes to concrete trowels, The Allen rider trowel machines are the ones that New Zealand has been trusting for years. Tradesmart is one of the leading Allen Engineering Dealers, where you can find the best machines at the most affordable prices.

Allen HDX Series

No concrete task is too arduous for the ride-on trowel machines in the Allen Hydra Drive Extreme or HDX series. These hydraulic powered equipment come with superior horsepower diesel engines guaranteed to deliver exemplary results.

Allen MSP Series

For large-scale concrete projects, most contractors look to the Allen Mechanical-Drive Super Pro or MSP Series in order to get the job done. Powered by reliable gasoline engines, these machines come with either manual lever or joystick power steering. The Tradesmart catalogue features the MSP455 37 hp and the MSP445 37hp

Allen MP Series

A slightly more lightweight and more compact but no less feature-rich range is the MP or Mechanical-Drive Pro Series. With a slightly lower 22hp, these machines run on a gasoline-powered engine and use manual steering. Choose from the Pro MP315, the MP235 Edger, and the Pro MP215.

Best Trowel Prices in New Zealand

Rider trowels can be a hefty investment, but if you are looking for the best ride on a trowel machine price, Tradesmart will not disappoint. We not only offer these products at excellent prices but we also offer speedy and safe delivery to any point in the country. For more information about our products, just call us and one of our specialists will be happy to answer your queries.