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Tile/Porcelain Blades

All tiles are not created equal!. Each of these materials varies in resistance and hardness which means different tile blades are required for each type of material. Trade Smart has a wide range of Porcelain and ceramic blades that are specifically designed to aid in chip-free, smooth and fast cutting of numerous tile surfaces. Select from Trade Smart’s full range of tile and porcelain blades.

Our blade range covers continuous rim blades for ceramic cutting applications that require both wet and dry capabilities. Ultra-thin blades to ensure less product wastage with finer, more refined edging and our notched Porcelain blades.


Our range of Porcelain & Ceramic Blades

Continuous tile blade

This tile blade is available in wide-ranging sizes including 105 mm, 180 mm, 200 and 230 mm. Being a high-end professional tile blade, the continuous tile blade allows for very smooth cutting of ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite.

Turbo tile blade

The Turbo tile blade is one of the best tile blades available in three sizes of 105, 115 and 125 mm. The top quality tile blade allows for fast, smooth wet or dry cutting of marble, porcelain and other hard products

Porcelain blade

Available in three sizes of 250 mm, 300 and 350 mm, this top notch porcelain blade ensures quiet, smooth cutting for porcelain and ceramic materials.

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