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Concrete Finishing Tools, Rakes & Brooms

Get the perfect finish on fresh concrete every time with our concrete finishing tools. We have an excellent range of concrete finishing tools including spreaders, rakes and brooms as below. Whether you need a smooth or textured finish for a pavement, car park, garage, or project, Tradesmart has the lightweight concrete tools that are also easy to assemble.

Concrete Rakes

A special ‘rake’ style tool that makes it easy to drag concrete when slab pouring. Tradesmart's lightweight, aluminium concrete rakes are easily portable and allow the operator to spread concrete with less fatigue. They are a very versatile concrete tool, as they feature both a toothed surface and a hook with which the operator can rake as  well as lifting reinforcing mesh as required.

Concrete Broom

After the concrete has been poured and air pockets removed, it is time to create the desired surface finish. A brushed finish on concrete is obtained by pulling a brush over the surface of the fresh concrete after the surface has been levelled. The type of finish obtained will depend upon the coarseness of the brush bristles and the length and shape of the tufts. Brushed finishes are suitable for areas trafficked either by vehicular or foot traffic and are also suitable for many types of mechanical handling plant.

Tradesmart offers quality concrete rakes and brooms for your concrete finish. See our range of products or contact us today for more information.