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MEIWA Reversible Compactors

Meiwa Reversible Plate Compactors for Greater Efficiency

A reversible plate compactor allows you to finish the same job with greater ease and within a smaller amount of time than a regular compactor because it can go in reverse. By delivering quality results as you manoeuvre it in both directions, these machines definitely increase productivity. Here at TradeSmart, we have the best reversible plate compactor for sale NZ has to offer.

Compactors for DIY Home Constructions

When shopping for a plate compactor, buy the one that comes in the right size and has the appropriate power for your needs. TradeSmart offers a wide range of products, starting with the very handy 70kg machine equipped with a Honda GX120 engine, which is perfect for DIY construction and repair of driveways or patios.

Compactors for Heavy-Duty Concrete Projects

For more heavy-duty compaction jobs like large-scale road paving or commercial construction projects, our 340kg machines fit the bill perfectly. Choose from the diesel-powered Yanmar L70V6 engine or the Honda GX390 that runs on petrol.

Most Competitive Prices in New Zealand

The TradeSmart range of plate compactor and paving compactor models comes with the best prices that you can find anywhere in New Zealand. We pride ourselves in offering only the finest concrete construction tools and equipment at prices that are very affordable even to the most budget-friendly contractors.

No matter what type of concrete projects you might have, we are sure to have the perfect equipment for you in our plate compactor sale. Call us today for a quick quote!