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Concrete Blades

When you are looking to achieve professional cuts that are clean and perfect, the ideal choices are Diamond Concrete Blades from Trade Smart. The best results can be achieved when you match the right kind of diamond concrete cutting saw with the right type of material that needs cutting. Using the closest matching blade extends the life of the blade and also offers a higher rate of cutting.

The types of sand, size of the concrete material, the compressive strength are some of the characteristics you should know before choosing the right cutting blades.

Concrete Blades Online at Trade Smart

The Professional General Purpose Diamond Cutting Blade is suitable for a wide variety of materials including limestone, reinforced concrete, slabs, kerbs, asphalt, pavers, bricks, roof tiles, flint aggregate, natural stone, building materials and sandstone.

Available in four diameters ranging from 9” to 16” the general purpose diamond concrete blade is the result of ten years of intensive research. This blade has more than twice the cutting life as compared to all other diamond concrete blades in the market. The steel Core tension is specially designed to match the 5000 rpm hand saw. Because of the slower wearing of the blade with 28% diamond concentration, General Purpose Diamond Cutting Blade is highly durable.

Turbo Abrasive Diamond Concrete Blade is available in 180 mm and 230 mm and features Copper Bond and high concentrate diamond designed for fast, dry cutting and long life.

Ox Concrete Diamond Blade is available in four diameters ranging from 9 “ to 16” and is a General Purpose Diamond Cutting Blade ideal for cutting granite, hard clay products, kerbs, flint aggregate, reinforced concrete, hard Indian stone, slabs, pavers, bricks, roof tiles, building materials and sandstone.

Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blade is one of the most ideal cutting blades from Trade Smart that offers efficient and fast cutting for a wide range of materials.

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