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Trusted Concrete Equipment Suppliers in New Zealand

Tradesmart is a leading supplier for New Zealand contractors, offering a wide range of hand tools, concrete finishers, blades and other specialised concrete equipment. Contact us today for a wide range of industrial products.

Levels & Measuring

Enjoy incomparable precision, every time with tape measures of different lengths, bevelled edge rulers, aluminium laser tripods and more from reputed brands.

Rebar Tools

Rebar is a steel bar placed inside stone or concrete to provide additional strength to a constructed structure. Click for our range of rebar wire, leather belts, cutting tools and more.

Prep Products

A range of highly effective prep products such as Knipex pliers and heavy duty mesh cutters.

Rakes & Brooms

Concrete rakes and brooms made from high quality materials allow contractors to ensure that concrete surfaces have the exact finish that is required.


Aluminium screeds are the ideal way to apply screed players to concrete subfloors for residential and industrial applications.

Hand Floats and Bull Floats

Concrete hand floats and bull floats are used to bring the ‘cream’ to the top to allow you to finish another perfect concrete pour.


Give your concrete pour the look and finish it deserves with quality edgers by Marshalltown and Ox.


Concrete finishing tools are specially designed to smooth out concrete effectively. Browse now for our large range of finishing trowels.

Concrete Finishing Tools

A wide range of concrete blades and pans from Allen, a world renowned manufacturer of construction equipment.

Concrete Blades & Pans

A wide range of concrete blades and pans from Allen, a world renowned manufacturer of construction equipment.

Concrete Equipment & Accessories

Explore our selection of accessories like knee pads, buckets, brushes shovels and more, manufactured using quality materials.

Concrete Hand Tools

Shop online from a range of hammers, pliers, bolt cutters, crow bars, tape measures and other concrete hand tools.

Concrete Dissolver

Keep tools and machinery in perfect working condition with effective concrete dissolvers and appliers.

Plastic Boxing

Explore our range of plastic boxing steel pins, joiner hinges, as well as both flex and rigid boxing.

World Renowned Concrete Equipment Brands, NZ

Contact Tradesmart today for the very best concrete work tools and equipment.