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ALLEN Walk-Behind Trowels


Allen Walk-Behind Trowels

Laying concrete is a delicate job that involves multiple processes. One of the most important of these is trowelling, which flattens freshly poured cement and also helps draw out moisture. For this, construction experts in New Zealand agree that the Allen trowel machines are among the best. Tradesmart is one of the few authorised Allen Engineering dealers in NZ and here, you can find every model of Allen Power Trowel for sale at the most competitive prices anywhere in the country.

Allen Pro Series Walkers

Featuring gearboxes that are precision-engineered, the Allen Pro-Series Walkers are made of durable cast iron components like pressure plates, spiders and lift levers. Choose from the Pro446 13hp or 9hp, the Pro436 9hp or 5hp, or the Pro436E 9hp. The Allen 36 power trowel is one of our best-selling products, with its convenient 36-inch rotor with 4 blades.

Allen Value Premium Walkers

If you are looking for the trademark excellence of an Allen trowel machine but want something that is more lightweight than the usual equipment, the VP or value premium variety would be an ideal alternative. Tradesmart carries the VP436 5hp and the VP424 4hp models, both packed with powerful features that you will find useful.

Compatible with Other Trowel Brands

If you have been using another trowel brand and want to switch to Allen, it’s not going to be a problem because many of the parts fit other brands as well. For instance, the Allen blades, float pans and catch pans also work with the Marshalltown, Stow, or Whiteman walk behind the trowel machine.

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