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ALLEN Paving Machines

Allen Paving Equipment for All Concrete Construction Projects

Whether you are building a patio for your backyard or are part of a massive road construction project, it would greatly help if you have the right Allen paving equipment for the job. As one of the trusted Allen Engineering dealers in New Zealand, TradeSmart is proud to offer you the finest concrete paving machine from Allen. Browse our shop and find the best match for your construction job.

Different Types of Paving Machines

There are many different kinds of machines that can be used for paving. Those that are specifically utilised for road construction include tracked pavers, wheeled pavers, hybrid offset pavers, inset pavers, concrete texture/cure machines, side feeders, spreaders and of course, roller screed pavers.

 Allen Triple Roller Tube Pavers

Triple Roller Tube Pavers, more commonly known in the construction industry as TRTP, are smaller than the paving machines typically used in large-scale road constructions. The TRTP is better suited for somewhat smaller construction work, small spaces and urban job sites. They can also be used for big concrete laying work.

Powered by a high capacity 74hp diesel engine, the TRTP features very easy operation. One of the main features is its roller tubes which are precision-engineered, ensuring that you will produce the strongest and most durable concrete surface possible.

Nationwide Delivery within New Zealand

TradeSmart delivers nationwide, so you can stop searching for "paving machines for sale near me". We will readily ship to any address in New Zealand so you can have your machine in no time! Whether you want to know more about our products or to ask about paving machine prices, just call our hotline and we will give you the answers you need!