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Galvanized Gun Nail

Age, weather, pollution, equipment strain or manhandling are a few elements that test the quality of the nails you use. An inferior nail will reduce the quality of the overall project being constructed or erected. Over time, the condition of the inferior nails will only worsen and in the worst cases, may require you to dismantle the project and re-construct it. For project managers and factory supervisors, this can mean the loss of time, effort, money, and client patronage.

If you want a top-quality reputation for your top-quality work it is essential you use top-quality nails. At Tradesmart, we stock DELFAST, a superior-quality, industrial-grade gun nails designed for many usages. Our galvanised gun nails are designed to endure harsh climate and severe physical force.

Our range of DELFAST gun nails come in two varieties – galvanised finish or steel, bright finish. All available at budget-friendly, pocket-friendly costs.