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Waterblasters Guns & Lances

The purpose of use

Domestic, commercial, industrial cleaning and waterblasting each require pumps which offer varying pressures and flows. Additionally, the question of the frequency of power washing and whether you will be washing buildings or equipment or vehicles will determine the choice of pump.

Tradesmart stocks a wide range of waterblasters, guns, and lances which are designed keeping in mind, the diverse requirements of each type of cleaning.

The pressure of the pump

Using too low pressure on dirty metals can leave behind corrosive materials which will ultimately ruin the item. But, using too high pressure for comparatively sensitive surfaces like wood or glass can lead to breakage, surface scraping, and other problems. As per industrial standards, the ideal water pressure should be:

4000 psi at 15 l/min for site clean-up, dirt removal, and surface preparation
3000 psi at 21 l/min for building and property maintenance
3000 psi at 15 or 20 l/min for large vehicle wash-down (trucks, steamers, etc.)
1740 psi at 11 l/min for small vehicle wash-down (cars, motorbikes, etc.)

At Tradesmart, our waterblasters, guns, and lances have a varying pressure range right up to 5075 psi.

Tradesmart’s collection of, guns, lances and pumps are industrial-grade and perfect for all types of cleaning. If you have any questions about our products or would like more information about specifications, please don't hesitate to contact us