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Waterblasters Nozzles

What do the different nozzle colours stand for?

Waterblaster nozzles come in multiple colours. For the uninitiated, this can be quite confusing. Our highly-experienced team at Tradesmart is here to help you understand the colourful world of nozzles and make the right choice. Here is our guide to waterblaster nozzles:

Black nozzles

Spray angle: 65°
If you’re looking for a gentle once-over, the black nozzle is the one to choose. Producing the lightest spray, it is often used to apply a thin layer of soap for further cleaning.

White nozzles

Spray angle: 40°
Perfect for light-duty cleaning, the white nozzle is good for steel appliances, wooden furniture, walls, windows, and doors.

Green nozzles

Spray angle: 25°
If you're doing a scheduled cleaning to remove mud, dirt, or dust, then the general-purpose green nozzle is the right place to start. Vehicle cleaning is also possible with this.

Yellow nozzles

Spray angle: 15°
Have your machines greased up? Do you need to remove paint or graffiti from the walls? For heavy-duty cleaning, choose yellow nozzles for their strong pressure and flow.

Red nozzles

Spray angle: 0°
Resin, tar, glue and chemical stains are some of the things that the red nozzles will help you with. Having a powerful spray, these nozzles are used for industrial wash-downs.