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Pump & Liquid Transfer Waterblasters Nozzles

Not all dirt, grease, and soil need similar cleaning. Often, the materials to be cleaned and the pressure to be used, dictate the kind of cleaning required. Waterblaster nozzles are excellent tools that help workers: control the direction and pressure of water, provide a thorough cleaning, and focus on areas that require special attention.

At Tradesmart, we are a New Zealand headquartered company specializing in the sale of commercial and industrial tools and equipment accessories. We stock an extensive collection of waterblaster nozzles as part of our product portfolio.

We sell adjustable nozzles in nozzle kits. Each kit contains a complete pack of quick coupling nozzles for a variety of cleaning requirements. Be sure to take a look around our website and see our range of top-quality, industry-grade waterblaster pumps and waterblaster hoses.

What do the different nozzle colours stand for?

Waterblaster nozzles come in multiple colours. For the uninitiated, this can be quite confusing. Our highly-experienced team at Tradesmart is here to help you understand the colourful world of nozzles and make the right choice. Here is our guide to waterblaster nozzles:

Black nozzles

Spray angle: 65°
If you’re looking for a gentle once-over, the black nozzle is the one to choose. Producing the lightest spray, it is often used to apply a thin layer of soap for further cleaning.

White nozzles

Spray angle: 40°
Perfect for light-duty cleaning, the white nozzle is good for steel appliances, wooden furniture, walls, windows, and doors.

Green nozzles

Spray angle: 25°
If you're doing a scheduled cleaning to remove mud, dirt, or dust, then the general-purpose green nozzle is the right place to start. Vehicle cleaning is also possible with this.

Yellow nozzles

Spray angle: 15°
Have your machines greased up? Do you need to remove paint or graffiti from the walls? For heavy-duty cleaning, choose yellow nozzles for their strong pressure and flow.

Red nozzles

Spray angle: 0°
Resin, tar, glue and chemical stains are some of the things that the red nozzles will help you with. Having a powerful spray, these nozzles are used for industrial wash-downs.