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Trailer Jockey Wheel


There are three factors to consider when selecting the correct jockey wheel for your caravan or trailer:

  • The jockey wheel type;
  • Jockey wheel dimensions (width and length);
  • The jockey wheel replacement wheel.

The two main versions of complete jockey wheel are with a smooth or jagged outer. A smooth outer is a common type and the standard for many trailer jockey wheels from light to commercial duty. These can fit most pressed steel and cast iron jockey wheel clamps and are good replacements. Jagged outer are mostly found on heavy duty jockey wheel and require a specific jockey wheel clamp that matches the ribbing shape.

Range of Trailer Jockey Wheel & Tyre

Composite: Plastic Wheel 

Composite has a plastic wheel and fits jockey wheels with 16mm axle. With a solid rubber tyre, the outer dimension is 8" (205mm), while the inner dimension is 16mm. The width of this jockey wheel is 55mm with a hub width of 65mm. 


This is a jockey wheel with the material used being steel and fits jockey wheels with 20mm axle. The solid rubber tyre has dimensions of 8” on the outer with inner dimension of 20 mm and a width of 50 mm. 

Lost Your Jockey Wheel Handle?

At TradeSmart we carry a wide range of spares to ensure you're never left in the lurch. From spare wheels and handles to bolts and clamps we offer the right product and advice when you need it.

Some of the accessories for jockey wheels at Trade Smart include the Jockey Wheel Loop Handle that fits our 92-79325 & 92-79326 Jockey Wheel and the Jockey Wheel - Knott 545kg 8" that is heavy duty and fits 8" wheel with side wind fold.

Our Jockey Wheel U-Bolt in 75mm is a set of two bolts with dimensions being 2. 75mm x 50mm and 12mm thread. Nuts and spring washers are included in the set.

The Machinery Stand – has a 900kg load rating, and comes with a weld-on adapter.