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Allen Concrete Equipment & Compactors in New Zealand

Tradesmart construction equipment includes some of the world’s best manufacturers of high-performance concrete equipment. Browse this page for a wide range of tile cutting equipment, concrete laser levelling screeds and compaction equipment. Click here for a wide range of industrial products.


Masterscreed ais an advanced European, specially designed, high-performance laser guided concrete levelling screed, ideal for large scale concrete work.

Allen Walk Behind Floats

Allen is a world renowned brand known for designing extremely durable, creatively designed trowels and floats with a wide selection of attachments. Built to last.

Allen Riders

Allen brand riders are designed with high-volume concrete work in mind. They feature economical fuel tanks, powerful engines and offer excellent torque. Built to last.

Allen Blades & Pans

Explore a wide range of Allen edger blades and float pans for heavy duty concrete work in demanding environmental conditions. 

Plate Compaction Equipment

To achieve the highest quality of workmanship on driveways, floors, paths and roads, choose from our wide range of concrete plate compactors.

Reversible Compactors

Reversible compactors allow contractors to perform deep compacting for asphalt, foundations, pavements and trenches.

Trench Rammers

A trench rammer is an excellent tool for compacting soil to make it a level surface. These machines are ideal for creating the perfect foundation on construction projects and greatly increases the density of the soil by removing air.

Vibrating Rollers

Vibrating rollers use specially designed drums to transfer vibrations to soil, which causes it to become dense. The machines are also ideal for asphalt and other materials.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a process in which special machines are used to cut concrete at various depths; to prevent cracking in new concrete, or for the demo and removal of old concrete. Explore our range of concrete cutting equipment.

Allen Buggies

Ideal for outdoor sites, Allen buggies feature one of the largest polyethylene buckets and a solid steel frame, allowing them to carry an impressive capacity and withstand a heavy payload.

Allen Screeds

Allen manufactures world class screed blades and power screed units which are designed to make screeding much easier while providing superior results.

Allen Paving Machines

Allen pavers have been a mainstay in many ambitious construction projects. Often seen hard at work on airport runways and bridge decks, the equipment is famously easy to operate and offers precise results. 

Allen Vibrators

Lightweight, powerful and designed for operator comfort, Allen vibrators are the pinnacle in hand-held petrol powered concrete vibrators. Ideal for concrete consolidation on any job site.

Concrete Paving and Compacting Equipment, NZ

Browse the Tradesmart website for specialised concrete equipment for small and large scale construction projects. Contact us today for unparalleled customer service.