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Industrial Beacon Lighting & Industrial LED Lights NZ

Looking to buy work lights & lamps online? Tradesmart is New Zealand’s trusted platform for contractors with a requirement for industrial lighting work lamps. Find out more about our wide range of industrial lights for sale below.


Wide Range of Industrial Accessories and Lighting Equipment

 Here at Tradesmart, we ensure that every product we offer is manufactured to the highest quality by world-renowned brands.


Ignition Keys

We offer a wide range of ignition keys for world-renowned brands such as Kubota, Daewoo, John Deere and Bobcat.


Lighting Beacons

All lighting beacons at Tradesmart are fitted with mounts, weld-ons and side mounts which are fully compatible with most standard equipment. Each product is designed to the highest standards and sourced from trusted suppliers.


Work Lights

Halogen work lamps and LED work lamps at Tradesmart are powerful and build to withstand harsh industrial work conditions.


Lighting Tail Lamps

LED tail lamps play an important role in ensuring safety in low visibility conditions. Choose from a range of high-quality tail lamps, ideal for industrial conditions.


Lighting Marker Lamps

Lighting marker lamps are LED, are designed to be compact, waterproof and shock resistant for durability.


Auger Parts

Choose from a wide variety of knock-in auger tooth tips for earth and rock. We also stock tungsten tipped auger tooth options and auger pilots for rock and earth.



Hydraulic coupling pins are used to stop the flow of hydraulic fluid in mini loaders, diggers and excavators.


Seat Belts

AS/NZS2596 Certified retractable and non-retractable seatbelts ranging from 170mm to 300 mm, ideal for industrial use.


Load Binders

Load binders are necessary components which ensure that a trailer load is secure. Our selection of load binders ranges from 750 kg to 2500 kg.


Reversing Cameras/Alarms

Heavy-duty reversing alarms and cameras at Tradesmart are designed for audio visual clarity even in the most extreme industrial conditions.


Wide Range of Industrial Lights for Sale

Tradesmart is New Zealand’s trusted online portal for all types of industrial lighting, concrete work and industrial safety equipment. We provide contractors nationwide with prompt delivery as well as support from our team of experts who can help find the right equipment for the job. Contact us today for more information on industrial work lamps.