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Quality Industrial Tools & Accessories in New Zealand

No matter what the industry or industrial application, the experts at Tradesmart always offer customers a versatile and wide range of tools and accessories to across New Zealand.



Loctite is a globally renowned brand which manufactures adhesives, sealants and industrial chemicals such as acrylic and silicone.



Queensland based Candan Industries has a reputation for manufacturing world class lubricants like lanolin and high temp grease.



CRC is a global supplier of specialised industrial products designed for applications in the automotive, marine and hardware industry. They are known for their gasket strippers, lithium grease and cutting oil.


Carb Cleaners

Carb cleaners are special formulations which remove dirt, debris and hardened carbons from carburettors.


Hand Cleaners

Industrial hand cleaners are essential products for workers who come into contact with paints, dirt, grease and debris. Hand cleaners are more effective than soap at removing tar, grease and ink.


Oil & Grease

Explore our range of oil products and accessories such as grease guns, two stroke oils, four stroke oils and measuring jars.


Fuel Cans

Tradesmart retails a wide range of fuel cans (5L, 2.5L, 10L) and measuring jugs for storing diesel and petrol.


Assortment Kits

Our range of heavy-duty assortment kits are specifically designed for cotter pins, straight key, external circlips, screws and more.


Cable Ties

High quality cable ties are a versatile accessory used by electrical workers. They help organise electrical wiring and can also be used for temporary repairs.


Cotter Pins

Cotter pins are simple but effective fasteners used to secure large bolts in place. They are typically U-shaped pins inserted through the hole of a bolt, after which the ends are twisted to secure it.


Gasket Material

Tradesmart gasket material is made from non-asbestos, heat resistant paper and is commonly used to fill gaps between surfaces in an industrial setting.  


Grinding/Cut Off Wheels

Tradesmart retails world class Tusk grinding wheels, diamond metal cut off wheels, hole saws and more for industrial grinding applications. Browse our products for more cutting accessories.


Key Steel

Key steel is unalloyed medium carbon steel with moderate tensile strength, shaped into rectangular bars. Key steel is used widely in a range of industrial applications.


Lynch Pins

Lynch pins are self-locking fasteners that can be inserted though axels to keep objects in place. A lynch pin prevents the object from sliding off the axle.


Load Binders

Load binders are necessary components which ensure that a trailer load is secure. Our selection of load binders ranges from 750 kg to 2500 kg.


Power Tool Accessories

Our range of power tool accessories includes titanium nitride metal drill bits, Tusk hole saw adaptors and ejector pins.


R Clips

R clips are commonly used in industrial settings to secure the ends of circular shafts such as axles and clevis pins.


Sabre Saw Blades

Tusk sabre saw blades are heavy duty saws specially designed for metal cutting, wood cutting and demolition purposes.


Shaft Locking Pins

We provide industrial shaft locking pins used for fastening parts to tubes and shafts commonly used in agricultural settings.



Order heavy duty snap off knives, insulation tape and PVC joining tape for industrial use.


Quality Concrete Tools and Accessories in NZ

Contact Tradesmart today to order high quality tools online. We offer same day shipping for all products and offer personalised customer service to contractors across industries.