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Diamond Metal Cut-Off Wheel
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Diamond Metal Cut-Off Wheel

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40 x longer life than standard resin wheels

A specialised metal cut-off wheel, the perfect solution for cutting sheet steel, stainless pipe, tubing, box beams, cast iron and metals up to 5mm thick.


  • 1. Vacuum braised diamonds at extremely high temperature - Diamond grit chemically bonded into the steel core under 1000C heat, giving 70% more diamond efficiency.
  • 2. Perforated steel core designed to reduce heat build-up and ensures quick cooling - perfect for intensive use.
  • 3. Metal core is heath risk free. No smell, No flex, No chipping, No shattering and less spark.
  • 4. 40 x longer life than other resin wheels.
  • 5. No reduction in cutting depth (Or disc diameter) like resin wheel

ID Centre: 22.23mm

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