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Floor Grinder Shoe
Floor Grinder Shoe
Floor Grinder Shoe
Floor Grinder Shoe
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Floor Grinder Shoe

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Quick-fit Shoes to suit our EQ.TFG250

We have 4 options of Grinding Shoe - for a Course Grind to a Fine Grind.

  1. 20/25 - Course Grind: Fast & Aggressive removal of existing stock. Great for preparing for glue and grout.
  2. 30/40 - Medium/Course Grind: General Purpose. Fast & Medium Aggressiveness. For removal of coatings. Good start to exposed aggregate.
  3. 60/80 - Medium/Fine: General Purpose. Great for grinding lips & edges. Less sweep marks. 
  4. 100/120 - Fine Grind: Smooth finish. Minimal sweep marks. Designed to a flat surface.

Note. You will need 5 Shoes per machine.

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