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diamond saw blades nz

General Purpose Diamond Blades

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Diamond Blades NZ

The professional diamond blade that is designed for cutting reinforced concrete, asphalt, limestone, kerbs, slabs, bricks, pavers, flint aggregate, roof tiles, sandstone, natural stone, building materials etc.


  • The diamond blades are designed for NZ pavement, aggregate after 10 years of research.
  • 12mm high segment - meaning longer life, other brands only have 9mm – 10mm segments (The 9" blade, this has an 11mm segment)
  • The segments have a 28% concentration of diamond – meaning slower wearing (compared to the 18%-20% in other blades on the market).
  • Segments laser welded to steel core - contractors get approximately 35% more life from a laser welded blade compared to a sintered diamond blade.
  • The steel Core tension is designed especially for a 5000rpm hand saw (9" design to 6600rpm)
  • It’s proven to have over twice the cutting life of other blades on the market
  • The 9" blade is a perfect blade for the battery hand-held cut-off saws (Fits Stihl battery powered model TSA230).

TradeSmart has a large range of TUSK diamond products available in stock now. 

For Stihl Power Saws, be sure to use our adaptor fitted for Stihl saws.

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