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concrete floor saw for sale

HC140 - MEIWA Concrete Saw

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Concrete Floor Saw



Precise, durable and ergonomic, MEIWA concrete saw cutters are a sought-after option for cutting concrete, asphalt, masonry and other solid materials. Our products offer a robust construction, with low vibrations that reduce operator fatigue and increase handling comfort. Our concrete cutting saw is designed to streamline operations without sacrificing quality and safety.

MEIWA is renowned for their long standing excellence in the design and engineering since 1945.


  • Honda GX240 Engine
  • Blade size 12-14"
  • Cutting Depth 80-125mm
  • Depth Feed - screw system
  • Driving - Screw Drive system
  • 6.0L Fuel Tank.
  • Built in Water Tank 45L
  • Made in Japan.


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