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A Quick Guide to Concrete Cutting Equipment

In the course of supplying New Zealand’s concrete contractors with high-quality tools and building supplies, we’ve learned plenty about concrete cutting. Let’s start with the basics: a concrete saw or concrete cutter is a specialised power tool designed to cut through solid concrete, brick, masonry, tiles, asphalt, and other extremely hard and dense construction materials. Concrete Machinery come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from small, hand-held tools to table-mounted saws and large, walk-behind cutters. 

Concrete saws may use gasoline, pneumatic pressure, or electric motors to power the cutting mechanism and usually employ diamond saw blades.

Walk-Behind Concrete Cutters

For making deep cuts on level concrete surfaces, walk-behind cutters are the easiest, safest, and most reliable tools. Walk-behind cutters can cut through concrete slabs and driveways as well as the asphalt, bitumen, hot-mix and other pavement surfaces.

A steady stream of water is directed onto the cutting surface while the saw is in action, which serves three purposes; firstly, wetting the concrete allows the saw to make more precise cuts; secondly, the water stream cools the blade, resulting in reduced damage and longer life of the saw blade; thirdly, it protects the operator and others in the area by reducing the amount of airborne silica dust, which can damage the lungs.

Trade Smart’s range of concrete cutting saws are engineered for precision, durability, and ergonomics. The MEIWA MCP180 is equipped with a Honda GX390 Engine, 6.0L fuel tank and built in 45L water tank. It can be fitted with a 14-18” blade for a cutting depth of 80-175cm. The low vibration system means greater comfort and reduced operator fatigue as well as a lower risk of injury for the technician.

Concrete Cutting Blades

Concrete cutters require specialised circular saw blades, almost always diamond blades. Diamonds fixed into the blade edge grind the cutting material away, resulting in a cleaner cut. TradeSmart stocks a variety of diamond blades; General Purpose Diamond Blades from Tusk feature a 28% concentration of diamonds, compared to other blades on the market, which offer only around 18-20%, translating to cleaner cuts and over twice the lifespan of lower quality blades.




Concrete Cutting PPE


Industrial concrete cutters are hugely powerful tools, and their use comes with a corresponding risk. It is therefore vital that correct safety procedures are followed and that operators and others on the job site wear appropriate PPE. Correct PPE when operating a concrete cutter includes:




Foot and Leg Protection: Reinforced work boots and gaiters to keep debris and moisture out of workers’ boots.


Eye and Face Protection: Airborne particles and debris necessitate a safety visor and/or safety glasses.


Hearing Protection: Concrete saws generate noise that can damage workers’ hearing. Heavy-duty earmuffs are therefore required.


Respiratory Protection: Dust Masks are required to prevent inhalation of silica dust and other airborne particles.


Hand Protection: Safety gloves to improve grip and reduce vibrations from the saw.

Why TradeSmart?

TradeSmart are one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality tools and materials to concrete contractors throughout New Zealand. We have built our reputation on the strength of our products and brands and the quality of our customer service, focusing on dispatching every delivery the day the order is made.




Contact Trade Smart Today

For more information on our range of concrete cutters, diamond saw blades, and PPE or to speak directly to a member of our customer service team, call Trade Smart today on 09 283 9658.



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