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Allen’s Concrete Weapon (of Mass Construction) Has Landed in NZ

Allen Engineering Corporation is known as the global leader of high-quality and innovative concrete laying equipment. They’ve been supplying effective solutions for professional contractors for over 50 years, designing and manufacturing innovative equipment that solves major quality and productivity issues on professional contractor jobsites. 


One of the latest releases into the NZ industry is the Allen TRTP255 Triple Roller Tube Paver. This machine allows you to lay higher quality slabs faster with less labour. Working ideally for lane paving of aircraft pavements and concrete roads. This newly released machine is here to bring professional contractors across New Zealand an effective solution to paving work sites, with its strength, speed and sheer size. 


Allen’s Triple Roller Tube Pavers (TRTP)

The TRTP255 is a beast of a machine with 2x 47hp Hatz diesel engines. Equipped with the powerful front gang vibrator, this machine allows the contractor to control the concrete consolidation, while the 3 rolling tubes provide a beautifully flat finish every time.


With easy operator controls located on the end of the frame it means that the operator has the ability to view the roadway ahead, and behind the machine, to make sure the final grade and quality of your paving area meet the required specs.


Powered by rugged Hatz Diesel Engines, the Triple Roller Tube Paver can strike off concrete very fast with little labour input. With the precision engineered and level-tested roller tubes, the TRTP can leave you assured of producing a high-quality paving job.


Why You Need the TRTP For Your Next Paving Job

The TRTP is not only fast but will also provide a sense of efficiency on your job site, providing you and your client with an effective paving finish. NZ Contractors are laying as much as 400m3 in six hours, and with the assistance of a small crew consisting of only 4-5 layers. They are telling us the main hold up is waiting for the Concrete Trucks & Concrete Machinery!


Tried and tested, this unique powerhouse paver can be customised at order to pave lane widths from 3m to 6m wide, making them the ultimate tool for concrete contractors who regularly work with different design considerations. 


Gain the Strength of the TRTP at Tradesmart

If you need any help figuring out the best tool for your project, contact our team of experts on 09 283 9658. Or head to our website to find out more about our range of industrial and construction tools. 

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