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The Benefits of Masterscreed Concrete Equipment in NZ

When it comes to laying the perfect foundation, precision and quality are non-negotiable. That's where Masterscreed stands out as a leader in the world of concrete equipment. In New Zealand, Tradesmart stands proud as a supplier of the internationally lauded Masterscreed range. In this blog, we will discuss why Masterscreed is a popular option for tradespeople across the country. We will also explain how Tradesmart can help you with all your concrete equipment requirements.


What Sets Masterscreed Apart in the Concrete Industry?

Concrete equipment needs to be robust, accurate, and versatile to meet the varied demands of construction projects. Masterscreed is favoured by tradespeople for its:


Innovative Technology:

With its advanced laser-guided technology, Masterscreed offers an unparalleled level of precision and efficiency in concrete levelling and finishing, surpassing industry standards.



Made with high-quality, reinforced steel and heavy-duty components, these machines are built to last, enduring the rigours of construction sites.


User-Friendly Design:

The Masterscreed range includes powerful machines designed to simplify complex tasks and improve efficiency without giving up ease of use. These machines are built to handle demanding applications with precision, while still being accessible for operators of varying skill levels. The focus on user-friendly design ensures that even the most powerful models in the range can be operated with ease, making them a valuable asset for any project.



These machines are versatile and can handle different types of concrete work, catering to the needs of different projects.


Internationally Renowned:

Masterscreed is globally recognised for its innovative and reliable concrete levelling solutions, renowned for boosting productivity and precision. It is trusted by builders, concreters, and tradespeople throughout New Zealand.


What are the benefits of using Masterscreed?

Operational Ease: With wireless remote control functions, these machines offer a smarter and safer approach to concrete levelling, allowing for precision work without the need for manual handling.

Ingenious Steering: The inclusion of rear wheel steering on Masterscreed equipment reduces the impact on the screed head, providing a steadier operation compared to traditional pivot steer alternatives.

Portability and Versatility: Masterscreed is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, proving effective on various construction surfaces, including single or double mesh and elevated floors.

Built-In Maintenance Tool: A water blaster is integrated into the design for convenient cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Precision Components: Each machine is outfitted with Trimble's reputable laser technology and electronic components, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every project.

User-Centric Design: Masterscreed emphasises ease of use and efficiency with a quick setup process that gets operators up and running promptly.

Optional Upgrades: For an enhanced dimensional control in 3D space, Masterscreed offers the option to integrate the advanced Trimble 3D package.

Crafted with Excellence: Masterscreed units are premium 'Laser Screed' instruments, meticulously manufactured in Belgium to the highest quality standards.

Local Support: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Masterscreed equipment is fully backed by dedicated support and servicing within New Zealand, providing local solutions to your needs.


Which Masterscreed Machine is Right for You?

Choosing the ideal equipment is pivotal, and Tradesmart offers a variety of Masterscreed concrete equipment to suit every job.


Masterscreed MS355 Laser Screed:

  • Compact Size: Ideal for tight spaces without compromising on power.
  • Honda GX690 Engine: Robust engine for reliable operations.
  • Optional Attachments: Customisable with a pressure washer and more.


Masterscreed MS430 Laser Screed:

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various concrete types and rebar arrangements.
  • Durable Construction: Premium aluminium and carbon fibre for reduced weight and increased strength.


Masterscreed MS575 Screed:

  • Powerful Engine: Vanguard 37hp EFI engine for top-grade performance.
  • 4WD Hydraulic Drive: Superior manoeuvrability across job sites.
  • Compact and Feature-Rich: Despite its size, it's designed for easy operation and navigation.


Tradesmart's selection of Masterscreed concrete equipment is precisely the upgrade your operations require, now further enhanced with remote-operated precision to boost productivity. Our range spans from the compact agility of the MS355 to the raw power of the MS575, each equipped with remote control capabilities that allow for even greater precision and control in your concrete laying process. With these sophisticated features, there's a suitable Masterscreed machine for every conceivable situation, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness on your job site.

Whether your project demands the efficient compactness of a smaller screed, the precision of an automated system, or the sheer power that a heavyweight screed provides, Tradesmart has the tools to elevate your construction projects to the next level.

For additional information on our offerings or to determine which Masterscreed machine is the perfect match for your specific project needs, please contact us today.

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