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Top 5 Concrete Tools for Any Construction Project, NZ

Contractors worldwide know that concrete is a challenging material to work with. Even with years of experience, a concrete pour can turn into a disaster if there are delays or if the wrong concrete tools are used. Once it dries, concrete is an extremely dense material that requires powerful machines to cut and shape it. Here at Tradesmart, we provide concrete tools NZ-wide for every kind of concrete requirement. Whether you’re looking for a tile saw, saw blades for concrete work or concrete trowels for a smooth finish, we’ve got what you need.


Concrete Mixer

When it comes to the most important concrete tools, a concrete mixer is first on the list. These machines mix the components that make concrete, keep the mixture moving so that it doesn’t set too quickly and help dispense the concrete.


Concrete Vibrator

Wet concrete contains air pockets and excess water. When it is poured, the air pockets can get trapped inside the concrete and over time, compromise its structure. In order to get the best results, concrete must be treated with a concrete vibrator to remove excess air and settle the concrete, preparing it for the next step.


Concrete Trowel

Although a trowel is a small, handheld tool, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the job site. Once the concrete has been floated, a trowel is used to finish the surface. The thin, durable blade of a trowel allows professionals to be extremely precise.


Concrete Saw

Concrete is an extremely hard material that has to be cut and shaped using high-powered machines called concrete saws. Contractors can choose between a walk-behind saw, tile saw, wall saw and more. At Tradesmart, we offer customers a wide range of saw blades for concrete that offer power and versatility.

Need help choosing the right blade for your needs? Tradesmart has a wide range of diamond blades for making deep cuts in concrete. For small, shallow cuts, we recommend corundum masonry blades.


Concrete Level

Ultimately, contractors are judged by the precision of their work. When it comes to concrete work, obtaining a perfectly level surface is one of the most important goals. Concrete levels are designed to help contractors determine whether the sub-base and slab surface are level. Some contractors may opt for a standard long-line level while others prefer a laser level for absolute precision.


Wide Range of World-Class Concrete Tools NZ

Are you about to start a large-scale construction project? Contact Tradesmart to find all the tools you need to get the job done. From high-powered, heavy-duty equipment to safety chains and goggles, we provide contractors in New Zealand with the support they need.

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