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The Best Screed on the Market: Introducing Masterscreed MS575

Want to guarantee future business?
Are you finding it hard to source good labour?

A perfectly level finish to every concrete floor is essential when determining if a job was a success or not. Even to the untrained eye, the final result could make or break a future contract, reputation, or even an entire business.

Weather conditions, obsolete tools, and human error all get a mention when trying to explain why a job wasn’t done right and on time. 

But now, these excuses are a thing of the past…


Introducing the Masterscreed MS575.

Equipped with an advanced operating system that uses state-of-the-art technology, the Masterscreed MS575 provides ultimate performance when laying a smooth. level, continuous concrete slab. Constructed with TIG welded premium grade aluminium - the MS575 boasts superior strength while its reduced weight makes it applicable to a wide range of jobs, i.e upper floors, ground slabs and rebar mesh. 


Why Choose The MS575?

Remote Control

The Masterscreed MS575 operates via the LEVmaster Ultimate System, fully wireless remote control. This affords the operator the flexibility to operate and fine tune the operation of the machine from any position. Along with giving them more freedom and flexibility to get the job done right, this is also an important safety feature – as the operators can stay away from harmful exhaust fumes, while keeping other workers safe while operating the machine from the best vantage point. 

Laser Level

Even in the harshest conditions, the Masterscreed MS575 comes out on top. This is all thanks to the in-built Trimble LR410 Laser Receiver. 

100% waterproof and providing 360° laser detection, the LR410 strikes with absolute precision to measure the exact height of devotion from “On Grade” - giving you a smoother, flatter finish with high accuracy and grade performance. 

Not only that, but the LR410 shows the operator the laser strike location from the centre of the receiver, as well as power and error status, making the entire process more accurate and efficient. 

Rear Wheel Steer

Yet another stand-out feature! The excellence of the Masterscreed Rear-Steer design, once again, brings this machine to the top of its game.

Rear Steer improves performance in two ways: 1. Causing minimal disturbance/movement to the screed head while turning, or making slight alignment adjustments (compared to some pivot steer machines), 2. Minimises scuffing and twisting reinforcing mesh and underlay products while maneuvering the machine onsite.

Jet Wash

A job is never complete until it’s cleaned up – properly! Masterscreed has installed a high-pressure washer which enables the operator to connect to a water supply and efficiently clean the workspace when it’s close to completion. 

This also eliminates the need for specific cleaning devices and includes an adjustable long lance trigger and suction hose to ensure the site is sparkling clean when you leave. 

Vanguard Engine

Fitted with the most powerful engine in its class, the Masterscreed MS575 is runs the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 37 HP EFI Big Block. 

Offering the perfect mix between pulling power, low vibration, low emission, superior balance and enhanced fuel economy – there’s no equipment on the market that can compete with the Masterscreed range

Supported in NZ

And just to top it all off…the Masterscreed is now supported and serviced right here in New Zealand.

Chat With Tradesmart Today

So, if your next project requires a seamless, perfectly level concrete finish, done on time (time after time) then our team at Tradesmart will get you sorted. 

Head to our website to check out our range, and for any further questions make sure you contact our team of dedicated professionals today. 

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