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Plates, Rollers or Rammers - A Guide to Compactors

With a variety of compaction jobs out there, it can be tricky to know which one to purchase. Generally, choosing the right compactor comes down to the medium that you’re working with. Read on to find out which one will be most suitable for the job you need done.

Tradesmart - Quality, Efficiency and Simplicity

Once you’ve decided which compactor is ideal for your job, choose to shop at Tradesmart. We have a wide range of products that don’t compromise on quality. 
Our stock includes but is not limited to concrete tools, cutting equipment, and the trailer parts NZ loves and trusts.  

Plate Compactors

Are you working with sand, coarse soil, gravel or another type of granular soil? Walk-behind plate compactors can do the job. The vibrations of plate compactors help to compact the rougher material. 
Our range of plate compactors NZ are supplied by the brand Meiwa, known for its high quality and long service life. Meiwa products are made in Japan, held to high standards of manufacturing. Whether your project is based on driveways, pathways or drainage, our plate compactors will be powerful and efficient. 
Generally, because plate compactors are smaller in size, they’re ideal for smaller projects. A benefit of these types of compactors is their size, as it makes them easier to move around.

Roller Compactors

When working with granular materials such as soil and asphalt, small walk-behind rollers are also a great choice. 
At Tradesmart, we stock the Japanese Meiwa Vibrating Roller. With a Honda GX160 Petrol Engine and a Vibration Frequency of 74Hz, the powerful roller efficiently compacts thicker material. Operating the machine is smooth and easy, thanks to the hydrostatic hand-controlled drive. A roller that works seamlessly also helps to avoid operator fatigue, letting you finish the job hassle-free.


Materials that are generally found in drainage applications, like clay and silt, are compatible with rammers. Rammers work with a higher direct impact force, which effectively tightens the soil particles together and expels any unwanted air. 
Our trench rammers come in a range of sizes, from 61kg to 80kg. Made in Japan by Meiwa, these rammers are rated with one of the highest, most effective compaction rates. They also have the convenient rollers mounted to the handle, making it simple and easy to load and unload from your vehicle.

Rammers are most effective in tight spaces, such as in drainage trenches and around manhole covers.

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Tradesmart understands quality, durability and reliability. We stock internationally renowned products, supplying concrete contractors all around New Zealand with the best of the best machinery. 

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