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The Role of Concrete Screeding for a Smooth Finish

Whether it’s a patio, walkway or large scale concrete slab, ensuring that the surface of the concrete is flat and level takes a lot of skill and experience. After concrete is poured and before it hardens, a technique called screeding is used to create a smooth surface. In this blog, Tradesmart explains the process of screeding and why it is so important when it comes to concrete work.

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What is Concrete Screeding?

Screeding is the process by which freshly poured concrete is levelled before finishing. This is the first step in the finishing of concrete and does not yield a perfectly flat surface. The process is better suited to removing initial imperfections and flattening high spots beforehand floating and trowelling.

High quality screeds such as the Allen magic screed are lightweight and made from high-quality materials. The long blade of the screed is pulled across wet concrete by a professional with a sawing motion that forces the concrete to become level while removing excess concrete. The motion of the screen not only levels the concrete, but it also fills gaps and holes quickly and accurately.

For large scale concrete projects, a mechanical screed may be used. A motorised screed is much faster than a handheld screed and reduces the labour needed to screed a large area. 


Types of Screeds


Hand Screed

A hand screed is the most physically demanding way to screed concrete, but it is considered the most accurate. This method of screeding is ideal for small concrete jobs where the ability to work in tight spaces is important.


Power Screed

While a power screed requires training and experience, there is no better way to save time and money on a large job site. A power screed is quick and powerful but requires extra care to ensure that the screeding is accurate.


Laser Screed

A laser screed is an advanced system used on large job sites where accuracy is of the utmost importance. A laser screed can be operated by a handful of personnel but requires trained personnel to operate the machine.


Roller Screed

Roller screeds can be up to 24 feet long and come with a range of attachments. They are ideal for gutters, pavements and other concrete applications. Roller screeds provide excellent results and can be used by beginners as well as experienced professionals.


Magic Screed Concrete Tools in New Zealand

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