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Benefit of Concrete Finishing Trowels Vs Hand Float, NZ

Working with concrete is challenging and requires professionals to work quickly, efficiently and apply significant skill to get the desired results. In this blog, Tradesmart discusses  hand floats and trowels, the differences between them and why trowelling is critical for high-quality concrete finishing.


What is a Hand Float?

Hand floats are concrete tools that allow professionals to finish a concrete surface. The tool helps make the concrete surface smooth and is commonly used after the initial levelling of the concrete. A hand float is an effective way to level out imperfections and make the concrete more compact.

Hand floats are available in a range of sizes and are made from metal, wood and plastic. The size of the hand float will depend on the type of task and professionals may use a number of floats to get the job done. A hand float helps construction professionals smooth out a large area of concrete quickly.


What is Trowelling?

Trowelling is a process that is usually conducted after hand floating. It must be done before the concrete has completely dried. Trowelling is a process that smooths out the concrete, allows it to harden quickly and increases its density.

While there are many different types of trowels on the market, a hand trowel is widely considered to be the most precise. It is made up of a thin steel blade with a handle attached to it.


Trowel vs Hand Float for Concrete Work

During the concrete finishing process, a trowel is typically used after the hand float. A hand float helps level out the concrete and brings moisture to the surface of the concrete to replace the water that has been lost due to evaporation. A hand float is a good first step to removing surface imperfections and filling holes.

However, when it comes to high-quality concrete finishing, a trowel is an invaluable tool on the job site. Whether it’s stainless steel trowel or high-carbon, the thin blade and sturdy material of a trowel makes it extremely precise for concrete finishing applications.

While floats and trowels may look similar, trowelling is the only way to ensure that the top layer of a concrete slab is properly compressed and that small surface defects are covered up. The process adds more strength and durability to concrete than hand floating.

Unlike a hand float, a trowel is designed for speed, precision and most importantly, consistency. Because it is a reliable tool, construction professionals can use it to work quickly before concrete dries. This reduces the amount of labour required, saves costs and eliminates costly mistakes.


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