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Quality Trailer Parts and Trailer Wheels in New Zealand

Tradesmart is a leading supplier of trailer accessories and parts in New Zealand. As a large scale, independent distributor of industrial tools and accessories, we pride ourselves in supplying contractors across the country with durable, reliable world class equipment.



Choose between a wide range of quality trailer brake pads, hydraulic master cylinders and hydraulic brake levers.


Trailer Couplings

A trailer coupling is an integral part of a trailer hitch and allow the trailer to be towed in safer, easier way.


Trailer Electrical

Browse a wide range of reliable, high quality electrical parts including trailer plugs, cables and plug extensions.


Trailer Jockey Wheel

A trailer jockey wheel helps to accurately position a trailer and allows an operator to move the trailer without a tow vehicle.


Trailer Lights

Maximise safety with our range of high-quality red trailer lights, led lamps and tail lamp sets for a wide range of trailers.


Trailer Shackles/Safety Chains

Choose from a wide range of internationally certified shackles and safety chains for trailers.


Trailer Towballs

A trailer towball is a critical component of a trailer system. The round shape makes it possible to attach a receiver hitch to a trailer coupler even if it isn’t perfectly aligned.


Trailer Bearings and Studs

Bearings and studs are responsible for making a trailer run smoothly and also prevent friction between components to reduce wear and tear.


Load Binders

Load binders are necessary components which ensure that a trailer load is secure. Our selection of load binders ranges from 750 kg to 2500 kg.


High Quality Trailer Accessories in New Zealand

Whether you are looking for parts to help you repair an old trailer, maintain a current one in full working order or to enhance an existing trailer, we have an extensive range of trailer parts NZ, trailer wheels, trailer lights and trailer jockey wheel available for you to purchase in our online store.

At TradeSmart, we pride ourselves on being one of the biggest, independent distributors of industrial solutions and supplies. Supplying a broad range of industry solutions, from concrete cutting, safety equipment, emergency vehicle light, power tools and engines, our focus is on customer satisfaction and prompt delivery.

If you want to be sure you’re making the most of your trailer, look through our selection of accessories and discover how easy it is to add even more functionality and versatility to your existing trailer, or contact us for more details.



We understand that time is money and the importance of keeping your equipment going at all times. For this reason, if you place an order with us it will be despatched on the same day with delivery guaranteed.

Contact us today, or call us for more information 09 283 9658.