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Different Types of Concrete Tools and Their Uses

At Tradesmart, we take pride in providing New Zealand’s contractors with a wide range of construction tools for small and large scale projects. In this blog, we write about the most popular concrete tools on the market.


Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer is a machine that allows contractors to prepare concrete mixtures. Mixers rotate slowly to mix the various components of concrete and prevent the mixture from setting too quickly. Some concrete mixers can also dispense the concrete on site. Mixers come in a variety of shapes and sizes for small and large scale applications.


Concrete Tools Bull Float

A bull float is a tool that is used to flatten the surface of freshly poured concrete. It helps remove screed lines, seals the surface of the concrete and flatten dips and bumps that occur during the pour. Bull floats are easy to use and offer a great deal of flexibility while levelling concrete.


Concrete Saw

Concrete saws are made from high density materials such as diamond so that dense materials such as concrete and granite can be cut easily. Whether it’s a handheld saw or a wall saw for cutting brick and stone, every concrete saw is built for creating precision cuts with minimal cracks and breakages.


Concrete Vibrator

Stabilising concrete requires the use of a concrete vibrator. A vibrator helps to settle concrete by dislodging and removing the air bubbles that are inevitably trapped in the fresh concrete when it is poured. Trapped air bubbles have a negative impact on the quality and strength of concrete.


Concrete Edger

A concrete edger is a long, thin tool that helps construction professionals clean the edges of a slab. It helps create a smooth edge that ensures stability and improves the look of concrete. The blade of an edger is often on a track that is held in place by bolts. Edgers are available in many different shapes and sizes.


Concrete Groover

Concrete groovers are used to create grooves or channels in concrete surfaces. They help cut straight line depressions into fresh concrete. As concrete dries, there is a risk of cracks developing in the base of grooves.


Concrete Chipper

Concrete chipping is a specialised process that requires trained professionals who use ultra-high pressure machines to break away dried concrete from concrete structures and slabs.


Concrete Stamp

A concrete stamping roller is used to create accurate patterns in the surface of wet concrete. These machines are used to create precise lines on driveways and walkways.


Concrete Roller

Concrete rolling machines are available in a range of sizes and are used to compact and level wet concrete. They help to remove air bubbles and level concrete. Proper rolling of concrete also helps to cure it faster than standard concrete compaction techniques.


Wide Range of Concrete Tools NZ

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