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Benefits of Using a Trench Rammer for Excavation in NZ

Residential and commercial construction sites are reliant on specialised machines such as a tamping rammer, vibratory plate compactor, soil rammer and other concrete tools to achieve a perfect finish. When it comes to creating a perfect foundation, precision is everything, and this is where a trench rammer is invaluable. In this blog, Tradesmart discusses the benefits of using a trench rammer on your site.


What is a Trench Rammer?

Trench rammers are concrete tools designed to compact soil so that it can be used as a hard, level surface. The removal of air from soil during the compaction process ensures that contractors have a solid layer on which they can build.

A trench rammer is made up of an engine unit and a foot that is connected using a piston and powerful springs. The engine drives the foot of the rammer up and down, impacting the soil with great force. High quality trench rammers have an excellent centre of gravity which makes it easy to use and ensures that the compaction is precise.


Benefits of Using a Trench Rammer

Here are just some of the reasons Tradesmart’s trench rammers are valued by construction professionals worldwide.


Usable for Different Types of Soil

Regardless of the nature of the soil on a building site, a trench rammer offers the ability to compact different types of soil. A flat foot plate on a trench compactor is more than capable of compacting soil so that it does not shift over time.


Safe and Easy to Use

Efficiency on a work site is about more than having a large collection of tools. However, construction is a craft, so it is important that construction professionals can operate machinery easily and safely. Learning how to operate a trench rammer is easy, even for beginners.


Easy to Manoeuvre

A construction site involves many different teams who often work in tight spaces. Moving a trench rammer around a worksite is extremely easy. It can also be operated easily in drains, trenches and tight corners.

At Tradesmart, we help our clients choose the right trench rammer for their purposes. With the right machine for the job, contractors can ensure quality results, keep their workers safe and maintain optimal levels of efficiency throughout.


Compact, Durable Machines

When it comes to large scale construction projects, even the best laid plans can fall apart. In a time like this, mobility and durability of equipment can make all the difference. A trench rammer is a light, compact machine that can be transported quickly over long distances and used by beginners in construction.


Soil Rammer for Construction in New Zealand

Are you looking for a tamping rammer, trench rammer or vibratory plate compactor in New Zealand? Contact Tradesmart today for a wide range of construction tools. Our team has the experience to help you select the right tools for the job while keeping your budget in mind. Visit our website for a wide range of industrial tools.

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