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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Trench Rammer

Plate compactors and trench rammers are commonly used across construction sites across the world. Although trench rammers are easy to use, they are extremely powerful machines that require strict safety protocols to ensure that operators are safe. As construction equipment experts, Tradesmart is committed to increasing safety on work sites across New Zealand.


Improper Protective Gear

Safety is paramount on a construction site. Trench rammer operators should always wear appropriate safety clothing and gear. Safety goggles, durable work boots, masks and earplugs to protect hearing not only keep operators safe, they also reduce fatigue and help maintain focus. All loose clothing and jewellery should be removed before operating plate compactors and trench rammers.


Failure to Inspect Equipment Before Use

All equipment should be thoroughly inspected before operation. Check the machine for mechanical and electrical faults that could cause the machine to malfunction. A strict daily inspection checklist should be followed by all operators to ensure safety. 


Not Following Operating Procedures

Manufacturers include detailed operating manuals with their products. While all trench rammers perform the same function, some operating instructions could vary and must be noted. If an operator is using attachments, they should be fully compatible with the machine. Whether it’s a drilling bit, saw or trench rammer, contractors should ensure that they are familiar with the operating manual.


Failure to Maintain Equipment

Heavy duty equipment is made using highly durable materials. However, over time, they experience wear and tear that can reduce the life cycle of the machine and render it unsafe. Daily and weekly maintenance checklists should be followed to ensure that the machine won’t malfunction and cause delays. Manufacturer operating manuals outline the types of cleaning solutions that should be used. Each component of the machine should be checked routinely and replaced before a breakdown can occur. When it comes to replacement parts, it is important to buy from a trusted supplier who has genuine spare parts that are specific to the make and model of your equipment.


Operating in Poorly Ventilated Areas

Compactors are high impact machines that emit fumes and throw up a lot of dust and debris. While safety gear can protect operators to a certain extent, it is equally important that professionals work in well-ventilated areas with better air quality.


Using Equipment with No Safety Features

World-class construction equipment companies design products that value operator safety. Trench rammers are fitted with reinforced plates, vibration resistance features, protective cushioning and more to keep operators safe. Be sure to ask your construction equipment supplier about safety features for trench rammers and plate compactors.


Trench Rammer and Plate Compactor NZ

Looking for a high-quality plate compactor NZ-wide? Whether it’s safety gear, rollers, trench rammers or drill bits NZ contractors can trust, Tradesmart has the answer. Contact our team today to find the right drilling bit for your needs or find the perfect plate compactor NZ-wide.

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