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How to Choose the Right Plate Compactor for the Job

Plate compactors are durable, versatile machines that are ideal for job sites where large rollers cannot be used. When it comes to patios, asphalt driveways and landscaping, plate compactors are the best way to compact various types of soil in a safe, easy and effective way. 

Whether you’re looking for trowels, core drill bits or a high-quality drilling diamond bit, Tradesmart has the solutions you need.


Types of Plate Compactors


Single Direction plate Compactors

Plate compactors made using this design are easy to transport, easy to use and excellent for paving and asphalt jobs. These machines are highly valued by landscapers and civil contractors.


Reversible Plate Compactors

Reversible plate compactors are designed to go forward and backwards and are popular because of their weight and size. They are designed for compacting soil to great depths and are ideal for road construction and laying foundations. However, they are more difficult to transport than small compactors.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Plate Compactor


Warranty and Maintenance

While there are many high-quality plate compactors on the market, Tradesmart recommends choosing a machine that comes with a comprehensive warranty. The machine should be easy and economical to maintain.


Location and Type of Project

The size and type of plate compactor will depend on the nature and size of the location. If the operator must work in tight spaces, a single direction compactor might be ideal. However, laying the foundation for a home would require reversible plate compactors.


Weight and Handling

When it comes down to it, your plate compactor needs to be easy to manage and handle. Operator comfort is of the utmost importance as it keeps them safe, prevents long term injuries and mitigates mistakes caused by fatigue. Certain brands feature handles that absorb vibration and allow for greater manoeuvrability.


Compare Prices and Reviews

Choosing the wrong compactor for your needs can lead to extra costs and delay the completion of your project. To find the right combination of price and functionality, take the time to read online reviews about products from experienced contractors. User reviews provide greater insight into the pros and cons of a product. Some reviews may also offer additional insight into how best to use the product and to get the most out of it.


Requirement of a Water Tank

When using a plate compactor for asphalt work, a water tank may be required to prevent sticking between the hot ground and compactor plate.


Plate Compactors and Core Drill Bits in NZ

For a wide range of construction equipment and world-class customer support, contact Tradesmart. Whether you need a shipment of trowels or a specially designed drilling diamond bit, our team is on hand to make sure you get the tools you need, on time. 

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