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Process of Concrete Grinding for Finishing in New Zealand

Concrete grinding is a specialised construction process that involves levelling and improving the surface of concrete. Concrete blades for grinder applications are made from extremely strong materials that easily cut and grind concrete surfaces down to the desired result. The process improves the texture of concrete, removes blemishes and uneven surfaces and is the first step towards obtaining a beautiful finish on a concrete surface.


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Dry Grinding Concrete

In this process, an abrasive diamond disk blade rotating at high speed is passed over a concrete surface. Over time, the floor grinder yields a coarse texture, which gradually becomes smooth and shiny.

A quality floor grinder concrete professionals trust is fitted with a vacuum system that sucks up the large amount of dust generated during the process.


The benefits of dry grinding are:

  • Yields a smooth, shiny surface
  • Helps to compress and harden the concrete surface, thereby increasing its lifespan
  • Easy to use in open areas as well as tight spaces where the grinder can be manoeuvred


Wet Grinding Concrete

Wet grinding involves grinding concrete using water to capture the large amount of dust released into the air. The end result is a smooth concrete surface that leaves behind a slurry of concrete.

This process is safer for the environment as well as the operator but yields a less glossy surface. While the slurry is good for air quality, it can be a challenge to clean and must be disposed of properly.


The benefits of wet grinding concrete are:

  • More economical than dry grinding
  • Uses propane which is better for the environment
  • Dust free process reduces risk of contamination


Hand Grinding Methods

Large concrete grinding machines are impractical for smaller concrete jobs that require precision in tight spaces. Hand grinding concrete machines are specially designed to allow an operator to grind down shelves and countertops. The technique is significantly more labour intensive and requires time as well as expertise.


Surface Preparation

No matter which technique is used for concrete grinding, it is important to prepare the surface first. If there are large cracks in the concrete, they must be filled up before polishing. Concrete that is severely damaged may require extensive repairs before a floor grinder can be used on it. For best results, any prior coating on the surface such as epoxy must be removed.


Quality Concrete Blades for Grinder in NZ

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