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Different Types of Plate Compactors and Their Uses, NZ

Compactors are highly durable, versatile machines responsible for one of the most important tasks on a construction site: soil compaction. Whether it’s asphalt compaction for roadways, trench ramming for landscape projects or deep soil compaction for building foundations, a compactor ensures that contractors have a safe, reliable and level surface to work on.


Forward Plate Compactors

Forward plate compactors are designed to provide contractors with excellent compaction results across various applications. They can compact large areas and can be easily manoeuvred in tight spaces. These compactors are found on landscaping, civil work and construction sites across the country.


Reversible Plate Compactors

Reversible plate compactors are often larger than other designs, which can make them challenging to transport. When it comes to commercial and residential construction, asphalt compaction and pipeline construction, a reversible plate compactor is the machine of choice. Due to their size and power, these machines are used on sites where depth of compaction and efficiency is key.


Vibratory Plate Compactors

Vibratory plate compactors are valued for their centrifugal force, which allows them to exert a compaction force far greater than a walk-behind plate compactor. They are very easy and safe to use while providing operators with excellent results. A vibratory compactor delivers excellent handling and power, all in a compact machine that is easy to manoeuvre around any job site.


Jumping Jack Compactors

Jumping jack compactors are extremely popular machines used for compacting soil by removing moisture and air from the soil. The machine uses repeated impact to compress the soil using a “foot” attached to a piston and engine. The most significant advantage of a jumping jack compactor is that it can be easily moved and operated by a single person, and can fit into narrow, inaccessible trenches for compaction.


Walk-behind Plate Compactors

When contractors need to compact large sites that have uneven or granular soil, a walk-behind plate compactor is the equipment of choice. A walk behind compactor is often used to provide deep soil compaction for building foundations and walls.


Handheld Plate Compactors

When it comes to high-precision compaction work, there is no better machine than a handheld plate compactor. These units are extremely light, easy to handle and transport, and allow operators to use high-quality compaction technology in tight spaces and sites where precision is critical. Another advantage of these units is that they are significantly quieter than other compactors and can be used for long periods of time because of lower vibration.


Concrete Drilling Bits and Plate Compactors NZ

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