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Tips for Operating & Maintaining a Plate Compactor NZ

If you are a contractor working on driveways, patios or civil engineering projects, a plate compactor is likely to be a common machine on your site. A plate compactor is a relatively compact machine made up of an engine, belt, air filter and plate. It is used to effectively compact soil for road building, building foundations and more. To ensure that you get the most out of your plate compactor, Tradesmart recommends conducting regular maintenance checks.

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Cleaning Your Plate Compactor

The plate is the most important component of a compactor. To work efficiently, the plate needs to be free of dirt, gravel and asphalt. Removing the debris reduces friction on the flare and allows it to move back and forth as it was designed. Excess debris build-up can damage or jam the plate.


Check for Loose Parts

Plate compactors experience a great deal of vibration during use. Even high-quality compactors have nuts and screws that loosen over time, and must be tightened periodically to ensure safety.


Check for Damage

Tradesmart’s Plate compactors are used in environments where dust, debris and stones are common. Friction is an unavoidable factor and will damage components over time. Routine maintenance checks help operators identify damage to drive belts and shock mounts before they become catastrophic. 


Check Fluid Levels

Powerful machines like plate compactors rely on lubricants inside the system to protect bearings and other components. Without the proper fluid levels, internal parts can wear away very quickly and make the machine ineffective and unsafe. Routine fluid level checks performed with the machine placed on a level surface are essential.


Replace Fuel if Needed

If your plate compactor has been in storage for a long period of time, it is possible that the fuel in the system is degraded. Your first step should be to replace the fuel with new petrol or diesel.


Check the Clutch

The plate compactor relies on a transmission system that compact soil properly. Checking the components of the transmission system is important because a loose clutch can prevent the machine from compacting soil properly.


Check the Air Filter

Air flow and quality plays an important role in the proper functioning of an engine. Air filters are exposed to a large amount of dust and debris. Over time they can become blocked and prevent the machine from functioning properly.


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