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The Benefits of Diamond Blades for Concrete Cutting

When it comes to cutting a hard substance like concrete, there’s nothing quite like a drilling diamond bit or diamond saw blade to get the job done. Saw concrete cutting requires blades made from extremely durable materials with the ability to create precise cuts. Whether you need a tile cut to exact measurements or require a durable blade for cutting through harder materials, a diamond saw is the perfect choice. Contact Tradesmart today for a wide range of saw concrete cutting equipment and drilling diamond bit options.



Diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, which makes it perfect for making precision cuts in concrete. The sharpness of the blade yields a clean edge, resulting in better construction joints, reduced wastage and efficiency. The quality of the diamond blade also reduces the likelihood of the concrete chipping or breaking.  



The incredible sharpness of diamond blades means that precision can be achieved at great speeds. Diamond saws make quick, fast cuts through concrete without chips or breakages. At a construction site where time and budget are always a concern, a tool that can slice through concrete at high speed is invaluable.


Long lifespan

Does the speed and power of a diamond blade make it vulnerable to wear and tear? Not necessarily, diamond blades are made from extremely high quality materials, which means that they have a significantly longer lifespan than other concrete blades.


Reduced Noise and Dust

As urban construction booms worldwide, contractors have to consider how much noise and dust their equipment generates during construction. The sharpness of a diamond blade allows it to make clean cuts with minimal dust, and the lack of excess friction means that noise levels remain low, even in crowded areas.



Diamond cutting blades are several times harder and sharper than most other materials known to man. A diamond blade is capable of cutting anything that is softer than a diamond. For example, even granite, known for its incredible hardness, can easily be cut with a diamond blade.



Replacing saw blades can prove costly over time. While a diamond blade may seem like a significant investment, contractors worldwide know that it is a one time investment that is versatile enough to be useful on every site.


Diamond Blade for a Perfect Tile Cut in NZ

A diamond saw blade is cost-effective, precise, and capable of cutting any material on a construction site. At Tradesmart, we offer New Zealand contractors a wide range of saw blade products ideal for cutting through concrete. Contact our team today to obtain a quote for construction equipment you need!

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