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Concrete Cutting Equipment Safety Advice in New Zealand

Whether it’s a small scale civil project or a large construction site, each location typically uses a number of high powered tools that cut, saw, roll and grind materials such as concrete, soil, brick and asphalt. While all equipment is operated by experienced professionals, there is no doubt that machines such as concrete cutting tools can be dangerous if certain safety rules are not followed. In this blog, Tradesmart shares common safety advice that can help keep you and your personnel safe whenever they need to saw concrete.


Safety Equipment

The first step is to make sure that nobody is operating the concrete cutter without proper safety gear. Durable safety goggles protect the eyes, high-quality masks prevent microscopic particles from entering the respiratory system and earplugs protect operators from hearing loss. Operators must be instructed on proper equipment lifting techniques to prevent serious back injuries.


Follow the Instruction Manual

Every manufacturer provides exact instructions on how to properly use their machine in the instruction manual. A machine should only be used if the operator is familiar with the manual and knows exactly what to take into account when using a particular machine. Here’s a safety tip that works across the board, always turn off and unplug a machine when it is not being used.


Observe Your Surroundings

Before turning on the machine, take the time to scan the surrounding area. Look for power lines, electrical sources, moisture and water, loose soil and keep your work area free of debris and tripping hazards.


Regular Maintenance of Equipment

If you use high powered equipment to saw brick or saw concrete, maintaining your machine regularly extends its lifespan and prevents catastrophic component failures that could cause injury. Refer to the manual for instructions on how often parts should be replaced, clean the machine regularly and always use genuine spare parts. A dull blade can easily slip off the surface it is trying to cut and injure a worker.


Follow Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 outlines the safety guidelines that construction sites must follow to protect their personnel. Always remain up to date and compliant with all health and safety protocols designed to provide construction workers with the highest level of protection possible. The first step towards a higher degree of protection on site? A well-stocked first aid kit and first-aid training so that an injured worker can get medical attention immediately.


Saw Concrete Cutting Equipment in New Zealand

Whether you need to saw brick on an industrial site or locate a diamond saw concrete cutting professionals trust, Tradesmart has the range of products you need. As trusted suppliers of construction equipment in New Zealand, we leave no stone unturned. From world class industrial-grade safety equipment to precision diamond blades for concrete, we are your one-stop-shop for all construction grade equipment.

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