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The Different Types of Concrete Saws in the Market

Concrete cutting is an industrial process that involves modifying concrete using a saw. In order to saw concrete, trained professionals use specially designed blades to saw brick, granite, concrete and other materials. In this blog, Tradesmart writes about the different types of concrete saws available to contractors in New Zealand.

At Tradesmart, we support the construction industry with diamond saw concrete cutting solutions. Whether you’re looking for an efficient way to saw brick or looking for a floor grinder concrete experts trust, we have the products you need.


Handheld Concrete Saw

A handheld saw is a compact machine that is extremely lightweight. It is easy to transport, easy to carry and ideal for projects where operators need to move a lot. Handheld saws are often used to make minor adjustments to concrete surfaces because they make it easy to remove small pieces of concrete.


Walk-Behind Concrete Saw

A walk-behind concrete saw is typically larger than other types of saws. If you need to saw concrete surfaces that are thick, a walk-behind saw is the right choice for you. The operator stands behind the machine and guides the saw in the desired direction. They usually feature a trolley-like structure that allows for better stability in a trench. These machines are powerful and commonly seen on large scale concrete projects.


Wall Saw

A wall saw is a blade that is fitted to a vertical track mount system that holds it in place. This is a flexible system that allows contractors to cut at different angles, making this machine ideal for air-conditioning systems and elevator shafts. The saw does not require an operator to hold it and is extremely precise.


Bridge Saw

A bridge saw is a large-scale industrial saw installed on a beam. It is used to cut large concrete slabs into smaller pieces. These slabs can be used in several applications, such as kitchen countertops. Concrete experts use these machines to safely and precisely cut large pieces of concrete with minimal debris and breakage.


Diamond Chain Saw

Contractors who work on smaller construction projects often favour diamond chain saws as their tool for cutting concrete. The design allows operators to cut concrete in tight spaces where larger saws cannot work. These saws can also be used for brick and pipes. They are also used to improve the precision of concrete slabs that have been cut using large saws.


Diamond Saw Concrete Cutting Equipment in NZ

Looking for a world class floor grinder concrete professionals rely on? Here at Tradesmart, we take pride in working closely with clients to find them the equipment they need to get the job done. Contact us today to obtain a quote for construction equipment.

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