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Why Some Vehicles Have Beacon Lights

If you’ve ever wondered why strobe lights exist on some vehicles, then you’ve come to the right place. Emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire trucks require large red strobe lights to warn both other vehicles and pedestrians that they are passing through. Strobe lights are also found on many other types of vehicles including forklifts, scissor lifts, construction machinery, forestry machinery, farm machinery, to name a few. These beacons alert other drivers and pedestrians of the movements and whereabouts of these machines. Improve safety and minimize hazards with beacon lights.

Quality beacon lighting offers other advantages including energy efficiency, durability and a longer lifespan in work sites.

Long-Lasting LED Strobe Lights

LEDs are proven to last longer than traditional bulbs which is why more people are using them in their homes for convenience and saving money with not having to replace them as often. LED lights can also be used as a strobe light that continually flashes or whirls of light. The light produced by a strobe beacon LED light is usually brighter than standard bulbs used to light your home as more energy can be used for each strobe or flash of light.

An industrial strobe light produces between 10 and 150 joules of energy which is powerful enough to be seen from a great distance.

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Durable Strobe Lights

LED lights offer a longer lifespan than to standard bulbs. Being able to use them around the work site or factory floor for a long period of time is beneficial to ensuring efficient work is being laid out safely and properly. LED strobe lights offer a durable option that you can rely on and are known to be resistant to damage from various types of stress, such as vibrations and shock. This makes them ideal for use on industrial sites to provide visibility and awareness for other vehicles and people around the site.

Controllable Beacon Light

With LED lights, you no longer need to wait for the light to warm up and release powerful lighting unlike other types of energy-saving light bulbs. LED strobe lights provide better performance and the Xenon strobe lights are even able to operate in the harshest conditions where a brighter, more penetrating light is required. The flashing pattern of the LED Beacons is easy to control and change.

Mounting Options

There is a variety of mounting option with TradeSmarts LED and Xenon Safety Beacons.

  • 3 Bolt Mount – For mounting directly onto a flat surface
  • Spigot Mount – For mounting onto a range of Spigot Mounts; Surface, Side, Weld-on or Screw-on mounts
  • Flexi Mount – For mounting onto a range of Spigot Mounts where there is likely to be more jarring and vibration. Like Vibrating Equipment, Compaction Equipment, Agricultural, Mining, Construction, and others.

Same Day Dispatch on LED Strobe Lights

LED lights offer a range of benefits for vehicles and machinery in the industry. They improve safety and efficiency for both you and those around you. TradeSmart is more than happy to help guide you towards the right purchase for your vehicle. We carry a range of different strobe lights to suit your need. All the necessary mounting hardware can be supplied along with your LED strobe lights when you buy from us.


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